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title: 'Control Panel Applets'

Control Panel functions are accessed by running the .cpl files associated with them. They are located in C:\Windows\System32\ assuming C: is your system drive.

They are run from Rainmeter by using the application C:\Windows\System32\control.exe which will take as a parameter the name of any of the Control Panel applets.

The list of available applets and their functions:

Accessibility Options			access.cpl
Add or Remove Programs			appwiz.cpl
Display Properties			desk.cpl
Windows Firewall			firewall.cpl
Add Hardware				hdwwiz.cpl
Internet Options			inetcpl.cpl
Regional & Language Options		intl.cpl
Java Control Panel			javacpl.cpl
Game Controllers			joy.cpl
Mouse Properties			main.cpl
Sound & Audio Device Settings		mmsys.cpl
Network Connections			ncpa.cpl
Wireless Network Setup Wizard		netsetup.cpl
User Accounts				nusrmgr.cpl
ODBC Data Source Administrator		odbccp32.cpl
Power Options				powercfg.cpl
System Properties			sysdm.cpl
Phone and Modem Options			telephon.cpl
Time and Date Options			timedate.cpl
Windows Security Center			wscui.cpl
Automatic Updates			wuaucpl.cpl
Active Directory Manager		admgmt.msc

So to execute one of these applets from Rainmeter use any of the Action features of Rainmeter:

LeftMouseUpAction=["C:\Windows\System32\control.exe" "ncpa.cpl"]