parseIOR - The IOR Printing Utility

The parseIOR utility displays the contents of a stringified IOR.


parseIOR <ior>
where ior can be:
    <IOR string>     stringified IOR
    <file name>      file containing stringified IOR
    <URL string>     corbaname/corbaloc/http, etc. URL fromats


The parseIOR utility parses and displays the contents of an Interoperable Object Reference (IOR). This includes the repository ID of the object, and the various profiles.

The argument to parseIOR is parsed as follows:


Output from parseIOR for the poaBank example:

Type Id  = IDL:poaBank/Bank:1.0 
Profiles = 1 
    IOP Profile: 

        version    = 1.1 
        host       = godel 
        port       = 2506 
        obj Key    = 
            4A424B52 00030002 00000100 22C20283  JBKR........"... 
            62616E6B                             bank


  1. Print the stringified IOR passed on the command line

       parseIOR IOR:010000001900000049444C3A6...000000000000
  2. Print the stringified IOR contained in the ior file

       parseIOR ior
  3. Print the IOR for the default NameService running on host yosemite

       parseIOR iiopboot://yosemite/NameService
  4. Print the IOR for the object bound in the NameService on host yosemite port 2506 at path services/Trader

       parseIOR corbaname::yosemite:2506#services/Trader

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