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Ham Radio Without a Radio - Slides from presentation given at Nanticoke Amateur Radio Club


Popular Amateur Radio Digital Protocols on VHF

United States FCC

OfCom: British Office of Communications

American Radio Relay League

The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation

Introduction to Packet Radio

Getting Started with TCP/IP on Packet Radio

AX.25 Link Access Protocol for Amateur Packet Radio

Packet Status Register (PSR) archive, a quarterly TAPR publication

GNU Radio - open source software-defined radio development toolkit

Ham Radio Index on University of California at San Diego FTP Server (dedicated AMPRNet repository)

Etymology of ham radio (I thought it was High frequency Amplitude Modulation which wasn't even close.)

Radio Signal Identification Guide

A software defined radio powered by GNU-Radio and Qt

Amateur Radio Data Networking in Event/Incident Communications
(courtesy of Santa Clara County ARES & RACES)
BioInitiative Report: A Rationale for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF)

HAM Software

Text file about Packet Radio

TAPR Software Library

Terrific List of Mobile HAM Software (free and commercial)

WinLink 2000 - ham radio IPv4 stack and SMTP MTA for Microsoft's .NET Framework
(much less spaghetti when compared with AX.25 transports)
Radio <=> Phone Patch for the Asterisk* PBX

Orbitron (satellite tracking software)

TNOS Packet Radio and TCP/IP BBS

International Space Station Ham Radio Reference @

List of Satellite and Spacecraft Radio Transmission Frequencies

Where is the International Space Station Right Now?

Via Satellite

RF Comms Unrelated to Amateur Radio (Air Traffic, Weather, etc.)

Police Radio Codes

Radio Frequency in the United States (links to good references)

U.S. DoD Flight Information

Utility Monitoring Central: Listening to non-broadcast digital radio communications from 10kHz to 1GHz

Utility DXers Forum Home Page

The Spectrum Monitor Monthly Magazine

UniTrunker - The Radio Reference Wiki

Signal Identification Guide @

TV Station Profiles & Public Inspection Files

Vendors, Regulatory Bodies, etc.

EMC Bayswater Wireless and Radio performance testing for global markets

Bird Technologies - Wireless, Cellular & Telecom

Each Individual Radio Shack Catalog Circular Between 1939 & 2011
Lots of Digitized Vintage Materials From the Culminating Pinnacle of Both Radio Shack® and Tandy Corporation in the mid-80's

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