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  8  8, ,8         ,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddd88P                    `-----'
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  Yb,         ,ad8"    
Normand Veilleux

Table of Contents

Amateur Radio:  also known as "HAM" (most RF spectrum stuff is here)

   IEEE 802.11 or Wi-Fi on 2.4GHz and 5Ghz in DSSS and OFDM

   Computer Programming:  WHERE read("ing") AND write("ing") && 'arithmetic /join #together';--

   REPL - Read-Eval-Print-L00ps:  language parsing, interpreters, etc.

   Cipher Text  cryptanalysis info, linguistic code-talkers, crypto-grams, ENiGMa

   DDoS Attacks & Prevention  Resource Exhaustion, Open Broadcast Traffic Amplification a.k.a. "Smurfing"

   Internet Hacking  sometimes it's almost as glamarous as Hollywood portrays

   Formal Logic (Discrete Math, Graph Theory, Set Operations, Combinatorics & more..)

   Phone Phreaking  SS7, VoIP, and non-Internet packet switched networks

   Biopunk Research  The union of biology and haxθring (DNA computing & bioinformatics)

   Enterprise Class Software Suites  Links & info on hacking the enterprise..

   Operating Systems  Linux, BSD, Windows©, Mac OSX™, OS/2, and others

   Standards/Specificationz  Infosec + Internet Standard Organizations & Consortiums 

   Legacy Technology  Mainframes were once an integral part of IT--some still are.. 

   About Site  Info about me and this web site.. 

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