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Chai Biotechnologies Inc. ©: vendor of an open source dual channel real-time PCR thermalcycler

OpenPCR in Nature Magazine

MiniPCR DNA Discovery System™


oligdna.c - console mode oligonucleotide sequence generator I wrote

RDML: Real-time PCR Data Markup Language

Dynamic Programming, the Needleman/Wunsch DNA global sequence alignment technique

NeoBio: Bioinformatics Algorithms in Java

Jmol: an open-source browser-based HTML5 viewer and stand-alone Java viewer for chemical structures in 3D

Sequence Manipulation Suite at bioinformatics.org

Academic/Research Material

DNA Computing Lecture Notes

Web Index of my DNAC Professor (David Harlan Wood)

Basic DNA Computing

Molecular Bioinformatics 2001, Uppsala University - Lecture Notes by Per Kraulis

Algorithms for Computational Molecular Biology

Circuits, Computation and Biology at the University of Minnesota's Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering

Development of a micro PCR reactor for Lab-on-Chip devices

BioBricks Foundation

Real-Time PCR Technology Basics

Transcription, Translation and Replication

Microsoft Research: Programming DNA Circuits (SilverLight and OCaml)

General Purpose Parallel Computation on a DNA Substrate

Scaling Up Digital Circuit Computation with DNA Strand Displacement Cascades


Social Networking

Forums, MeetUps, Hacker Spaces, etc.

Biohack.me Forum

ResearchPeptides.com Forum

Biocurious - Silicon Valley's Hackerspace for Biotech

BIOLOGIK LABS - Community BioHackerSpace in Virginia


Pearl BioTech: Tito Jankowski's Company (Co-inventor of OpenPCR)

editas medicine: CRISPR Cas9 Start-up in Cambridge

CRISPR Therapeutics: Gene Editing Company Focused on Development of Transformative Medicines

The ODIN: Kits and Tools for Consumer Genetic Design


Beyond Genetics: DNA in Nanotechnology

Programming DNA Circuits at Microsoft Research

Visual DSD Silverlight Applet Manual

DNA Computing Verification

The international SAT Competitions web page

HTML Books on the History of Evolutionary Biology (from Aristotle to Mendel's Rediscovery)

BioJava Wiki Pages

Haploview Screenshots

NCI Thesaurus

Outline on Basic DNA Lab Technology for DNA Computing

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